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 said 3 months ago

Most of us dream of owning mountains of wealth and enjoying our wealth by splurging on luxurious items like cars, yachts, and private jets. These dreams are often seeded in our minds because of the media and how they portray the really wealthy people worldwide. Take, for example, Elon Musk. He has been at the top of the rich list for many years and continues to do so because of his ultra-rich businesses. When the media writes about his antics of manufacturing a flame thrower just because he wishes or when he wanted to buy Twitter, it becomes a massive envy for most people reading the news. For some, it translates into aspiration; for others, it becomes jealousy. 

In today's post, I will touch on the critical topic of creating wealth. I will discuss what is necessary for wealth creation from a personal growth point of view. I will not discuss building a business that helps you get wealthy. Instead, it is about what needs to change from the inside so that you can make that wealth and keep it with you. 


Most of the societal programming we learn from each other (be it friends or family) is intended to keep you where you are forever. It doesn't help you to grow beyond a point. Of course, this societal programming is not intentional. Nobody in their right mind would want you to not succeed. But it is the effect of the law of lowest common denominator. More about this law in another post. Also, one must understand that people grow from where they are put in this world. There will be growth. With the right attitude, there will be some growth. But not a growth that is beyond one's wildest dreams. Most people don't imagine growth for themselves like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. Well, that is also part of the societal programming - not to dream.

So, the first step is to unlearn what you have learned in the past. These were important for reaching where you are currently, but they would not help you go where you want to go.

Personal limits

It is a practical theory that a person can handle only within the limits of his/her capacity. Anything beyond that limit is something that most of the people would need help with. This holds true for wealth as well. A person can reach their wealth thresholds, and even if they try their best, they cannot grow beyond that. It is their limit. That limit is mainly at a lower level for most of the population. They will reach it and stagnate. But for some, that limit keeps going upwards. Those are the people that keep growing no matter what. I will share a story that you have probably heard already. A family man won a million-dollar lotto, got excited, and changed his life. He started spending money and living life to the maximum. Left his wife and family and started enjoying life. But soon, his wealth started draining and diminishing. Ultimately, he was left with nothing and had to return to his wife and family. He then started living a life similar to his earlier life before he won the lotto. That was his limit, and life can put people within their limits. But beware, those limits can be changed with active learning.

Active learning

Learning is not going through a course on Coursera and posting about it on LinkedIn. In reality, learning is very different. Learning is 90% experience and 10% retrospection. One has to go through experiences, emotions, anger, scary feelings, happiness, love, and everything that makes us human, which I call learning. Without the emotions, it's just a theory. Your human mind will behave very differently when thinking about a situation rather than going through it. That's where active learning comes into play. You learn by doing and processing those emotions, logic, and memories. Retrospection becomes essential because one cannot think of alternate responses to a situation without analyzing a similar situation. So, one must keep analyzing his/her mistakes and make the right decisions. Active learning helps you do that.

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