My Vision

Our human existence has developed so much in the last few decades that we have created exponential impact in everything we do. Sending rovers to mars, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence that can write songs are some of the examples of our technological innovation. These innovations would be mind-boggling to humans that lived a few decades, say 100 years before us. We live in the greatest generation, no doubt. The future is limitless and will keep adding more advancements and more amazing achievements to its list.

Yet, humans are suffering internally. Humans are living their lives with pain, hate, insufficient resources and without a purpose. This internal unrest is not caused by animals or plants, unconquerable terrain or uncertain weather. It's because of us, our fellow humans. Misery was and is, our own.

But humans are capable of higher degree achievements, we know that. Humans have the potential to change everything. We can help bring a beautiful world, one that hinges on happiness, mutual help and togetherness.

My vision is to create that world, one person at a time.

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