Feeding Children

At Jey Geethan, we want to maximize the ways we can help people in our society, in every instance. This very culture is very instrumental and has been imbibed by our founder in every one of our team members. Our founder has had a modest upbringing and the difficult life led to the throught process to help others in need. He had always found that by helping others, he is helping those who had helped him earlier and this is one of the ways of giving back to society. He strongly believes that this good karma gets passed on from one person to another.

Meals for the children

With these values, our team provides meals for children who are in need. We have started this as a small initiative and would like to keep growing as the team gets bigger. We want to set bigger targets and ensure that before the year ends that we would have provided 10,000 meals for children.

Looking ahead

We want to celebrate every meal that has been provided and keep cheering for the goodness that comes out of it. Please read about our values, mission, and pledge here:

Our Vision

Our current reach

Meals provided
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