Team Jey
 said 3 months ago

I am a writer and have published some of my pieces in multiple publications. I know the pain of sitting down to write and not finding the words. Most writers term it "Writer's Block." I have often heard that writer's block can be solved using some techniques. I have tried all of them and would gladly say none worked. But this post is not about that. It's from my experience of writing, getting blocked, and then getting back into the rhythm. There are a few things that helped me get over writer's block. I am sharing those tips with you, and your mileage may vary.

A different ending

Most of the time, I get blocked when there's a storyline I am trying to follow, and I need to get the right momentum in that direction. At those times, I just abandoned that storyline for the moment and started my imagination process about what would happen in another scenario in the storyline. What if I take the storyline to the extreme? What if the protagonist dies suddenly? What if one of the side characters starts to fall in love with the protagonist? What if an earthquake suddenly occurs, and the characters' lives turn upside-down? 

Usually, I don't follow through with these plots, but they kickstart my imagination process, and suddenly, I have an idea that solves my problem for the day. Trust me, this has worked for me numerous times.

Change the writing tool.

Changing the writing environment is advice given by most writers. But that's a tedious process to do immediately. I need more time to take my laptop, walk to the park, and write there. Also, it's hot where I live, so I don't vent unnecessarily. Instead, I changed the writing tool, which gave me the impression of having completely changed the environment. Suddenly, I am in a different world, and things seem different. I sometimes open Mac's Pages instead of my usual tool, Scrivener, and it has worked wonders.

I also follow other ideas, which I will share in an article someday. Please leave your comments if you found this useful.