Are we living a lie - Do people really need other people?

We have all been taught that people need other people to live in this life. Is that the truth? The world that we are witnessing everyday, is in a bad shape. I believe so very rightly because I face a few ruthless humans that do not consider the well being of others. They are just abnormally selfish. At work, at roads, at every public place.
by Jey Geethan | November 13, 2018


I wanted to write this piece of article 10 years back. At that time, I was an inexperienced guy living in this life, without any evidence to back anything. Now, I have more than a huge pile of experiences that I can proudly present to bystanders to prove them wrong. There are huge number of things in this life, that we need help from others, as simple as getting that swiggy delivery done by another human. So can we safely assume that humans need other humans?

If you can assume that, do we really behave coherently the same way, every single day? There are copious amounts of evidence that humans are just as driven by emotions, selfish needs, thirst for power as the animals in the wilderness. So where do we stand?

Humans in general cannot comprehend the nature of the long term value over short term gains. We do not calculate the logic behind losing something in the short term over gaining greatness in the long term. Also, the pain of losing something in the short term has more impact than the value of creating something in the long term.

But, you can create a world - an utopia - a community - a place where heads don't lie and lips don't bite. I started my career, with a vision to create such a community of similar and like minded people who can live and help others to live better. That was my mission, my ambition, my greater goal. My life continues to embrace that idea, that goal, and keep going towards that bright shining star, in search of truth and goodness. That journey keeps going in different ways, different times. But still it goes on, it will never end till I accomplish my goal.

"Create your dream. One step at a time!"

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